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Most Common Door Locks Problems

As a homeowner its bound to happen that you’ll encounter problems with your door locks at some point. There are reasons why these issues may arise. Sometimes it’s due, to lack of maintenance while times they occur unexpectedly. Either way having a door lock can be quite inconvenient as it hinders access and compromises the security of your property. These lock problems tend to crop up when time’s limited. You need an immediate solution. So how should one deal with situations?

Reasons Behind Door Lock Failure

Imagine a situation where you’re getting ready to head out for work around 8 AM. You discover that your door lock isn’t working properly. There could be reasons, for this;

1. Door Lock Misalignment

This means that the locks components are not aligned correctly causing it to malfunction. It could be the bolt. Latch not syncing with the strike plate making it impossible to secure the door.

2. Non Door Lock

There could be various causes for this issue. For instance you might be using the key when trying to unlock the door. Alternatively it could indicate a problem like internal mechanism failure requiring immediate attention, from an emergency locksmith service.

3. Key Breakage

One common challenge is when the breaks while attempting to lock the door. In such an event you will need help extracting the key and potentially replacing the lock if it has been damaged.

4. Loose Door Lock

This is almost inevitable as locks naturally experience wear and tear over time. However regular maintenance can help prolong their lifespan.

5. Jammed Lock or Latches

Often caused by maintenance a lock may become obstructed with dirt and dust.

Sometimes the problem occurs when certain components start to deteriorate.

11. The cylinder makes a turn.

12. This typically occurs when the set screw becomes loose.

Why Can’t I Unlock my Door with a Key?

Imagine a situation where you arrive home at night and face difficulty, in unlocking the door. You might encounter two issues; either the key turns easily or it doesn’t turn at all. Lets explore some reasons behind these problems:

1. A dirty and dusty lock can cause the key to become stuck.

2. Neglecting cleaning and maintenance of the lock can lead to rust accumulation preventing the key from turning

3. In temperatures water freezing inside the lock can cause the key to get stuck.

4. Poorly cut keys may result in difficulty when turning them.

5. If the pins inside the lock are misaligned it can cause the key to become stuck indicating a need, for rekeying.

6. A malfunctioning lock cylinder might allow the key to turn all the way around without unlocking or locking the door.

7. Improper installation of a lock can result in situations where you can turn the key but fail to either lock or unlock the door.

Resolving a Stuck Door Latch

The main cause of a door latch getting stuck is usually a buildup of dirt or rust. You can tell if this is the issue when the latch doesn’t move smoothly when you press the handle or turn the knob.

When dust, dirt or rust clogs up the latch it can’t fully retract, which makes it difficult to close the door properly. The effective solution is to take the lock and give it a thorough cleaning. Using a lubricant can also help in this case.

If there is rust you can try soaking the parts in vinegar and then scrubbing them before making sure they’re completely dry. Another option is to apply baking soda on the areas and wiping it off after some time.

Once you’ve finished cleaning everything it’s time to put the lock together. If you’re unsure, about how to do this it’s best to seek assistance, from a locksmith.

Lock problems, with doors are quite common. Often happen because people don’t take care of them properly. However you can reduce the chances of these issues by checking and cleaning your locks. Unfortunately there are times when unexpected lock problems occur, like losing or breaking your keys at the inconvenient moments. That’s why it’s essential to have access to 24/7 emergency services, like Sure Lock & Key. If you find yourself in situations don’t hesitate to reach out to them for help. They can be a lifesaver!

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