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How To Secure Sliding Glass Doors?

Sliding glass doors are well known for their ability to fill a room, with light. However when it comes to burglars they have a favorable reputation due to their vulnerability. The locks, on sliding glass doors are often weak. Can be easily manipulated with some force. Additionally the pane glass commonly used in these doors can be shattered without effort. In some cases the entire door can even be removed from its tracks. Thankfully there are strategies you can implement to enhance the security of your sliding glass doors.

Sliding glass doors often have subpar latches that can easily be broken with force. To address this issue a good solution is to install a lock in the track, which will help prevent unauthorized entry. Another option is to drill a hole, in the moving part of the door ensuring it remains securely locked when open. This way you can enjoy ventilation without compromising on security.

Security bars offer an option, for individuals who’re hesitant to replace their locks. These bars fit into the door track that becomes visible when the door is open effectively preventing any forced entry. The durability and effectiveness of these bars depend on the material they are made of as their quality. It’s worth noting that security bars come in types and some even include a locking mechanism.

The glass used in your doors can also pose a vulnerability. Pane or wire reinforced glass is generally more durable compared to the single pane type that is commonly used. If your main concern revolves around the glass it might be more cost effective to consider purchasing doors with glass right from the start rather than just replacing the existing glass.

Burglars might attempt to remove sliding doors by detaching them from their tracks. To minimize this risk it’s important to maintain the doors by cleaning the rollers and ensuring that the screws are tightened properly. Another helpful measure is to install self tapping screws in the track as these screws allow movement while preventing the doors from being lifted out.

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