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Key FOB Replacement: Should You Use A Dealership Or A Locksmith?

Losing or damaging your cars fob can be an experience as it leaves you in a difficult situation. Many people believe that the only option is to visit a dealership, for a replacement key fob. However there is a solution consider reaching out to a nearby locksmith instead. This option can provide you with an more affordable resolution.

The High Cost of Key FOB Replacement at Dealerships

Its widely known that car dealerships often charge an amount, for replacement fobs. If you happen to buy a key when purchasing your car you might have noticed this. However why should you have to pay prices when all you want is to save some money? The truth is, dealerships profit from the simple fact that many car owners are unaware that they can have their fobs replaced by independent locksmiths. These locksmiths specialize in offering a range of services for replacing and reprogramming fobs for all car brands and models.

Is Affordable Key FOB Replacement Possible?

Although it may be challenging to find a cheap fob replacement, there is an option to pay less than what dealerships typically charge. Key fobs are expensive by nature due to their components such as batteries and circuits leaving room for cost reduction. However dealerships often increase the price just because they are aware that customers who urgently need replacements will be willing to pay any amount to get their vehicles back, on the road again.

Get an Affordable Replacement Key FOB from Philadelphia Lock And Key

We at Philadelphia Lock & Key are helping car owners getting back on the road by offering key and fob replacements for almost all car brands and models.

We can quickly program your new car fob. Additionally we offer 24/7 emergency services for our clients, in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas.

Contact us today and get a free quote for your FOB key replacement!

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