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How To Tell If You Need Door Repair?

We at Philadelphia Lock & Key, truly understand the importance you place on the safety and security of your property whether its your home or business. Our goal is to help you maintain that security.

One crucial aspect of ensuring security is focusing on your doors. While modern technology has brought us alarms and cameras a sturdy door still serves as a barrier against access to your premises. This emphasizes the importance of keeping your doors in shape, which sometimes means addressing any repairs they might need. In this article we will discuss indicators that suggest it may be time, for door repair.

Difficulty in Closing the Door

One clear sign that your door needs fixing is when you notice that it becomes difficult to close requiring a lot of effort to ensure it shuts properly. This problem often occurs because the hinges have started to sag causing the door to hang unevenly in its frame. Consequently it gradually becomes harder to open or close the door impacting its functionality and convenience.

Presence of a Draft

Another sign that suggests the need, for door repair is when you feel a draft or breeze coming in from under the door. This indicates that there might be a gap, between the door and its frame, which can result in heat loss, energy inefficiency and affect the temperature of your building. It’s important to take action to fix this problem to ensure an energy efficient environment.

Door Fails to Stay Locked

If you notice that your door is having difficulty staying securely locked it might indicate that it requires some repair work. This can be an inconvenience. Leave your home vulnerable, to security risks. That’s why we highly suggest contacting us. Our team of professionals will quickly evaluate the situation. Take the appropriate measures to restore your door to its optimal functionality.

Ensuring your peace of mind is our priority at Philadelphia Lock & Key, and we are committed to offering dependable and effective solutions, for all your door repair requirements.

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