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3 Instances That Call For Commercial Lock Installation

Running a business or owning estate is quite different, from managing a residential property. While the need for keys and security is common to both commercial properties often require diverse security systems to accommodate the needs of employees and clients.

At Philadelphia Lock & Key our goal is to provide you with the security solutions and access, through our top quality commercial lock installation services. There are situations where your property can greatly benefit from commercial lock installation services like ours including;

You’ve recently acquired the property

When you acquire a property it’s an idea to replace the locks even if they seem fine. This prevents any chance of the owners or employees using their keys to gain access. Taking this precaution is essential, for reducing security risks.

You’ve expanded to a new location/branch

When you acquire a property or expand your existing venue our commercial lock installation services can be extremely helpful. They ensure that a consistent security protocol is, in place, across all your properties, which becomes especially crucial if you have employees working at locations.

Your property requires tiered security

It is quite common for businesses to limit entry, to parts of their premises. We offer a solution that allows you to manage access, to areas while still ensuring accessibility through our commercial lock installation and access control system. This feature makes it easier for you to secure your property effectively.

We are here to help our customers at all times. If you have any questions or would like information, about our services for installing locks please don’t hesitate to contact us as soon, as possible.

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